Total Nissan Warranty

Free AHG Protected Warranty

When you purchase your used car from Total Nissan it comes with a free 3 year / 175,000km AHG Protected Warranty, giving you total peace of mind. Plus you also have the option to upgrade to a 5 year Premium Warranty if you want that extra protection.

Your Personal Mechanical Plan

The AHG Protected Warranty is a mechanical protection plan designed to make sure your vehicle is maintained to a high standard while reducing any costly repairs over time. If you buy a used car and it still has the remainder of manufacturer warranty, your free AHG warranty will start when the manufacturer warranty expires.  

During the life of your warranty you must get your car serviced at Total Nissan or any other AHG dealership following the Manufacturer servicing schedule (if applicable). Following this, or if the vehicle does not have the balance of a manufacture warranty, the recommended service interval is every 6 months or 10,000kms whichever occurs first

Regular servicing is necessary to maintain your vehicle’s life as brake fluids, lubricants, oils and certain parts all deteriorate over time. Following the suggested service schedule will help protect your car and retain its value.

Benefits for You

  • Fixed priced servicing for the life of your warranty
  • Free parts & labour repairs (to the limits of the mechanical protection plan)
  • Quality repairs by an AHG dealership with the latest technology and equipment
  • Easy to claim... just call our service department to discuss
  • Total peace of mind

AHG Protected warranty excludes vehicles over 10 years or 160,000kms.